Sension+ 5120 Electrodo polarográfico de OD para apicaciones de uso general

Ref. producto: LZW5120.97.0002
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Electrodo polarográfico de OD con membrana reforzada y 3 m de cable. Accesorios: 1 membrana y electrolito 25 ml. Para medidores portátiles.
High-performance polarographic probe for the measurement of dissolved oxygen (DO). It has a durable plastic body, replaceable stainless-steel reinforced oxygen-permeable membrane, refillable KCl-based reference electrolyte, and built-in temperature sensor. The probe has a fixed 3 meter cable and MP5 connector dedicated for use with Portable Dissolved Oxygen meters.

The electrode is ideal for dissolved oxygen measurement in applications where premium performance and extra durability by a polarographic style DO probe are required.